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There are 3 'Get My Free Website' programs:

Free Website

We offer a fully-managed WordPress (WP) website with Elementor Pro (E. Pro)—the best-in-class page builder for WP, both installed and configured, including 2 free email addresses and website hosting for 6 months. At that time, if you become a member, you do not need to pay for the E. Pro license (saving USD$59/year), and hosting is significantly less than all major suppliers!

The value of this offer is a savings of at least $75. And there are no strings attached, which means no hidden costs & payment method on file—just free, period.

Our free offer is conservatively valued at USD $59.94 + email!

Renewal Cost: members renew hosting at $9.95/month, which is far less than reputable suppliers.

Affiliate Program

There’s no fee or requirement to sign up for a free website to become an affiliate and nothing to buy to maintain affiliate status. You can begin making money promoting the GET MY FREE WEBSITE system without spending a cent or committing to or ordering anything!

If you are a member, the door opens to money-saving discounts, such as a free E. Pro license after the offer expires, and you will earn more as an affiliate, too!


You pay no fee and will not be asked for a “payment method on file” to become an affiliate. There’s no other requirement financially, meaning you can sign up for free and start making money right away.

The only offer you will receive is $19 to become a member. But this is optional, as you will receive affiliate commissions without being a member. *However, you will make more as an affiliate if you are also a member. You can read about Affiliate Compensation here.

Membership Program

If you join as a Member, you will receive many savings on services plus regular tips on how to build your customer base and/or online followers list. The tips are worth far more than this membership, as this education is excellent & will always be current. Membership also comes with an Elementor Pro license (USD $59), which more than justifies the $19 membership fee. 

The membership savings are extensive, and our website hosting fee is far less than any reputable hosting company!

USD $19 /year

When members renew their hosting (after the free 6 months), they receive a free Elementor Pro license, and the renewal is $9.95/month for hosting. The membership cost is USD $19 per year and non-members will need to purchase an Elementor Pro license for USD $59, if they want to continue using this page builder. 

The membership savings and
advantages are extensive!

The membership savings & advantages are extensive!

Get My Free Website was not just created for those who want a DIY website, far from it.

This offer includes a free Elementor Pro license (worth $59) with website hosting, which is fantastic. But add in free email, free daily backups, a free speed optimization plug-in, free security, and website hosting at an attractive rate; you have quite an offer.

As you will soon see, Get My Free Website is a membership-based company offering better pricing and more features for essential services. After all, Everyone should have a website; it is just that most people don’t know it yet![Quotes indicate a statement by Smiling Steve, first recorded in 2017. A video with this title is slated to be recorded soon & this page will be updated as soon as that video is publicly available. Members get it first!]

The membership savings we include are valuable, meaning you will save a lot of money on an existing site or when you build a new one to support your business. The education and member-first release of that education is also a massive value, but let’s identify the savings and feature advantages first.

Before we list the savings, here are a few simple ways to describe our advantage in the marketplace:

The Truth about ‘Year One Hosting’

If you were buying a website hosting plan and wanted a site designed on a quality page builder, like Elementor, which currently costs US $59/year for a single license, in most cases, you would need to purchase an annual license for the page builder plug-in, too.

If you did not purchase Elementor Pro or Divi–a slightly more complicated-to-use competitor (see screenshot comparison below)– you might be deciding whether to go with services like WIX or GoDaddy, which (like others) provide their proprietary page builders with their hosting plans.

This is a screenshot showing independent research that concludes that Elementor Pro is easier to use than Divi.
The DIVI page builder has no price advantage over our offer if you are a member. We include Elementor Pro for all Get My Free Website members!

Proprietary Page Builders have a significant issue. They are linked to the hosting supplier, and the cost of hosting after year one jumps significantly in year two with all well-known hosting suppliers–they are all luring people in and then jacking their prices!

On this web page is an article entitled Hosting Comparison that shows the pricing today (prices —fluctuate occasionally). To give you an idea, GoDaddy charges CAD $4.99 per month (approx US $3.70), with year one paid in advance to get that special price, then their price jumps to $24.66/month in year two (approx. US $18.25/month), which is far from cheap!

Similarly, Site Ground charges USD $2.99/month, with year one paid in advance, then jumps to $14.99 a month in year two and beyond!

Bluehost charges USD $2.95/month in year one, with year one paid in advance, then jumps to $10.00/month with no automated backup (an additional $59.95/year)!

Now, you would get a free proprietary page builder with GoDaddy and others, but it only works on GoDaddy. So, if you want to leave,e it is expensive to get an expert to convert the site.

Even though all the suppliers offer inexpensive hosting in the first year, year two and beyond is another matter. And is a built-in page builder worth spending much more a month for a hosting plan vs. our plan that includes one? 

The low price is an attractive upfront option, but it turns out it is Deceptive Marketing.

Instead, we are giving away a free service and including the page builder in a hosting price much lower than all other suppliers’ year two prices. And we are upfront about it.

GoDaddy or Beluhost, with proprietary page builders, might appear like a deal, but they are just a way to hook you in.

The price per month of year two hosting is onerous from suppliers like GoDaddy. And that is what caused us to look at every hosting plan from all the major suppliers (see hosting comparison on this page).

We realized that there needed to be a better option.

We believe the only way to buy hosting is through a membership-based service like ours because then anyone can receive wholesale pricing without the hassle of being a wholesaler!

If you factor in what year two costs at any major supplier worldwide, you can see that the year one pricing is the bait. And when you factor in the cost of needing to move or “migrate” a website because the services are far more expensive (and with hidden fees), you are best not to begin with them.

Proprietary Page Builders

Wix and GoDaddy allow you to drag and drop your website elements into place using their proprietary page builders. This is similar to Elementor Pro, but proprietary page builders have an already stated issue, which is undeniable.

If you ever want to move your website away from the supplier of a proprietary page builder due to that hosting company adding extra hidden fees or for another reason, you would incur the cost of the move and possibly a partial or complete site redesign, and the potential of both of these expenses are entirely unnecessary!

If you think hidden fees are unnecessary, look at GoDaddy and email. They charge $2.99 per email address, which adds a fair amount when you need a few email addresses (once you build a team or even for marketing). Email Addresses with membership at Get My Free Website are free!

Before moving on with this subject, the $2.99 is paid annually as a year-one deal. Year two for email from GoDaddy is $7.99/month, again paid yearly.

Think about that for a second.

Let’s assume you got hoodwinked into believing that any of the year-one suppliers did not jack their price in year two, and you wanted to leave that supplier. What might that mean?

If your website had a lot of content and you needed to migrate it (move it), it could be a mini nightmarish. This author should know, as I have moved a non-Elementor Pro site to Elementor Pro, which had over 500 web pages. This project took one person three months, working 12 hours a day!

Proprietary Page Builders have always had this major drawback, whereas WordPress websites can be moved or migrated easily to another WordPress hosting service without any altering. And Elementor Pro works on any website hosting provider as long as your site is on the WordPress platform.

WordPress (WP) is the platform on which the great majority of small to medium-sized websites are operated, and that means more tools are available, making it easy to migrate to another WP hosting company. And WP has more plug-ins, meaning you can do anything on a WordPress site that does not require custom programming.

This means someone who wants to do e-commerce does not need the Shopify platform because WP has a terrific e-commerce plug-in called WooCommerce, which also works very well with Elementor Pro. 

Of course, e-commerce is only one type of website. There are many others.

You can also blog, post videos, embed podcasts, and do high-end marketing (with landing pages on WP and within Elementor Pro). Even membership sites are a breeze for someone who knows how to set up such a plug-in (like me), and several integrate with WordPress Platform and Elementor Pro.

The point is, no matter what you want to do, short of custom programming, we can do it on WordPress with the Elementor Pro page builder. That is why Get My Free Website offers WordPress as the platform and includes the Elementor Pro page builder with hosting. We believe this is a solid option and the best option, too!

Adding membership made it possible to offer all of this at a lower price than other hosting services and to give away hosting and an Elementor Pro license for six months, too!

Free Themes

We chose WordPress years ago for the reasons above. However, if you start building a site on WordPress using any of the standard free themes, there are two drawbacks:

  1. Everyone who uses a free WordPress theme ends up with a place with a similar-looking layout to many other sites and;
  2. From time to time, free themes are easily exploited by hackers, as there are many users of these WordPress templates, making them a hacking target!

A custom page builder has neither problem. And having a unique-looking website is a big deal. But not having to pay for that page builder makes it very attractive!

This author had a website (one of many) hacked a year and a half ago simply for leaving a theme on the site, which the hacker manipulated. The crazy thing is that the free theme was not even employed or “active” (I built that site using Elementor Pro); it was simply residing within that WordPress installation and was hacked!

The real issue was that many of my images disappeared when I reinstalled the site using a backup, forcing my team to repair many web pages.

I now remove all themes I am not using and make sure my team does, too, as this reduces the chance of a hack.

That shows you how hackers work and why website security is so important!

Yes, Get My Free Website includes security and daily backups, too.

Elementor Pro & Our Savings

Compared to free themes, which force you to place elements or widgets in certain places, Elementor Pro is a high-end independent page builder plug-in that is not limited.

Widgets and elements can be positioned anywhere on a page. And, unlike Divi (Elementor’s main competitor), non-web designers have an easier time learning and using Elementor Pro. Hence our choice to employ it.

It is unlimited, powerful, drag-and-drop and can create pixel-perfect websites, landing pages and blogs (content pages). We are impressed with it.

However, if you acquire one, the cost is currently USD $59/year, which significantly adds to hosting costs. A website start-up could be $110 in the first year alone.

When you factor in that most web hosting offers are cheap in year one to draw people in, then more expensive in year two (as already explained), you can see what is off-putting about starting a website.

Many people get fooled by this and then learn they need twice the money to maintain their site in year two. And that is particularly tough on those with a side hustle because they struggle to make enough money every month!

This is why Get My Free Website, and other similar membership clubs must exist.

We can acquire Elementor Pro licenses for 39 cents each in bulk quantities. However, if you buy one, the cost is 1500% higher per license!

Similarly, hosting that costs you $10 to $20 a month to pay for is 20 cents a month in hard costs for us. We have soft prices (support, etc.), but you can see the difference.

How a Membership Saves You Money

Those who take the Get My Free Website offer immediately save USD $59 for buying a page builder. They also get six months of hosting, which is a saving compared to Elementor’s hosting service of $59.94.

That is just the beginning.

Elementor renews at $180/year (paid in advance), and we are only $9.99 a month, a savings of $60.12.

Let’s recap: Members save $59.94 in the first six months and $60.12 for the 12 months after that. In other words, any member will save $120.06 in eighteen months for hosting alone!

You might need to do many other things in the beginning and the future. For instance, if you have a website, you might like to become a member and then migrate that site to our server to save money and need a migration service. 

We may be able to migrate it quickly, especially if it is a smaller-sized site. We can charge a meagre fee to move it, like only $25. And, no, that is not a typo!

You may need to have your site converted to Elementor Pro. Again, if you are a member, that price is 30% lower (depending on the site size).

Website owners also need Site Audits to discover the backlinks, Technical SEO, Core Web Vitals (page load speed) and more. For instance, we will conduct a Core Web Vitals audit of a website to discover if it is built correctly for as low as $49.

On a Google search for SEO AUDIT COST resulting in the Knowledge Panel in this image that was incuded via screenshot and suggests that SEO Audits begin at $650.

If you received a quote for $650 to complete a Technical SEO Audit, we would guarantee to do it for $499 after you paid the membership fee of $19. Since that membership would also provide savings in web hosting, meaning it was justified elsewhere, the audit would save $150 or 23%.

Then, there are Local SEO Audits to see why your business does not rank high locally. We have a tool for conducting this type of service that discovers how to rank you higher, and we can offer that service for 25% less than any reputable supplier. Why? Because every customer spends $19 a year to be a member and makes us a modest profit on web hosting.

This model makes sense.

More on how we save you money and increase sales will be sent to every member. It is contracted that we must provide education with the $19 membership fee, and we not only do what we say but pride ourselves in providing the highest quality service, too.

Email & Hosting

Since most of the major website suppliers charge extra for or outsource email, not including it with a hosting package, our offer is superior to theirs.

Some providers include email, but it is extremely limited. And others only allow for the site to send notifications via email, like when a form is completed. They do not allow for personalized email addresses or catchall email.

Catchall email is important. Why? Well, when someone types out your email address, like when they are on a new device, if they misspell it, the email bounces. If you have a catchall email address, like *, you still receive it.

There are other issues with email. But the main one is we include it, and it is robust, which means you can receive lots of emails to that account.

In addition, you can set up GMAIL to collect your email too. And this is free.

Hosting Comparison

Comparing website hosting features and prices is just part of this mini article. Our talent for wading through the fluff of the marketing that promotes website hosting is what makes it worth reading this article.

For instance, if you have a small site or are just starting one, the fact that one hosting company offers quite a bit of additional storage space for your website is often irrelevant, as you will see.

This is a screenshot showing the storage space used by websites within one of our hosting accounts.Here, you can see the hosting account we call HOSTING PLAN 2 and three of the many websites on that hosting plan. 

The website with the orange color beside it called Dale Moreau (DOT NET), uses 3.84 GB of storage and has over 454 blog posts and over 500 web pages. First Response Solution, on the other hand, has only seven web pages and consumes 9.72 GB (gigabytes).

Now, that proves that the storage required by a website is deceiving and that most websites will never need 50 GB of storage, or even 10.

You will discover why First Response Solution uses more storage than a 500-page website in a moment.

Deceptive Marketing in Web Hosting

If you were writing the code for a website hosting provider, you would know what they do. For instance, client reporting of storage usage could display the actual amount of storage used and the amount of storage that was acquired. 

Think about it. 

Imagine you purchased a hosting plan with 50 GB of storage to operate a membership website, and the members were photographers who would post their pictures for sale, with pictures eating up storage space. Do you know for sure that 50 GB is available to you? In other words, if the hosting site reporting tool told you the actual usage and the amount you purchased (rather than the unused space on the shared server), you wouldn’t think twice.?

It could say 3.97 GB used/50 GB total, or 3.97 GB Used  –  46.03 GB Free. Then, when you came close to 50 GB, the system could migrate your site to a 50 GB allotment instead of 10!

This deception would allow website hosting services to save massive amounts of money. And, when moving or migrating a site to a server with more free storage space, they could say in an email to you, “We are doing maintenance and upgrading your system. These changes will serve your needs better, and the work will be completed at 3 AM when nearly no traffic hits your site!”

You would be all warm and fuzzy that they were upgrading your system and utterly oblivious to the fact that you paid for storage space that was not available until your demand required it. 

In a shared server environment, you are not given access to run tools that will reconfigure storage space or even calculate what is there, so they could sell you any amount and only provide it when needed.

If this was done, the hosting company with 10,000 customers could save millions annually. And no one would be the wiser, including staff!

You may need more extensive storage one day, but I recommend you buy it when needed, not in advance because of projected needs. It is a simple thing these days to migrate a site within a server farm, and it is too easy to charge more for server capabilities that you don’t need until the future and that are not even there.

A blog post with infographics, pictures, and links does not take up much space, especially when images (infographics, custom graphics and photographs) are uploaded in next-gen formats, such as WebP, and with image reduction technology on the site.

The point is, you almost certainly need less space than you think. You will always benefit from a faster page load speed, but it is unlikely that you will benefit from more storage, especially in the beginning (or even when you upgrade).

Website Hosting: What is and isn’t essential to know about hosting a website?

Several factors matter to all websites, including brick-and-mortar businesses or online marketers. These factors include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Speed – page load speed matters for a local business or a business that is not local and for an online business. If visitors have to wait, they leave, which is called bounce or bounce rate.
  2. Ease of use – If you need to spend too much time on your site rather than working on building your business or servicing clients, there’s a problem. 
  3. Easy to Learn – Elementor Pro, with its drag-and-drop functionality, is as easy to learn as any method of creating and editing web pages (that is why we use it).
  4. Email – It’s insulting to pay for your email addresses with a hosting plan. Both use the same storage space and server time you already pay for in your hosting package, so why the separate charge? With us, email is free.
  5. Support – Can you determine why your website is slow or not performing? As a Get My Free Website member, you will receive priority service over our non-member clients.
  6. Website setup – Many hosting companies require you to figure out how their hosting platform works, which will be confusing when you begin, and you have to push a few buttons to install WordPress. If you only have one website, this is a total waste of time, as you will never need to do it again with Get My Free Website. We install and configure WordPress, Elementor Pro, Site Security, Site Optimization and more for you, saving you lots of time (this could take you hours and be frustrating).
This image shows icons of two web servers with arrows pointing back and forth between them and represents how easily information can be moved back and forth
The image above shows a likeness or icon of Computer Servers, called Web Servers (2). The arrows represent how easily information is exchanged between servers within a server farm, which includes websites, website hosting and email accounts.

Information, including website files, can be moved easily and quickly between web servers!

Other factors are important, too. We just wanted you to realize what deceptive marketing practices are and that some web hosting services use them!

Comparing Website Hosting

When it comes to checking out or comparing website hosting from reputable suppliers, there are so many factors that it is easy for them to engage in deceptive marketing. And, occasionally, those suppliers change their offers, hiding hidden costs and Year Two price bumps!

Recently, the cost of web hosting has steadily increased, albeit relatively slowly (not faster than inflation). And most of the name-brand hosting providers, from Bluehost, HostGator, Hostinger, GoDaddy, Siteground, iPage, Elementor Hosting, and Wix, have found ways to attract customers and add-on sales later. 

This post will begin to introduce you to how they do that. We will not try to show you all their tricks but open your eyes to why we launched Get My Free Website.

The first thing is to split up the supplier into categories. Hosting providers with a proprietary page builder, 3rd party page builders that are universal (working on any WordPress installation), and hosting providers that do not offer page builders.

Of course, there are various types of BLOCK systems for WordPress, like Gutenberg Blocks, which anyone can use to build a website. They have critical limitations, so we don’t need to discuss them. 

Here is what we will compare:
1) Hosting by proprietary page builders, which includes GoDaddy, Wix and Weebly.

2) Hosting by the programmers of universal page builders (for WordPress), which is a party of one: Elementor.

3) Hosting by suppliers that do not fit category 1 or 2.

First of all, though Elementor offers website hosting, the hosting is done on Google Cloud. Of course, Site Ground also uses Google Cloud, as do many other hosting companies, for good reasons.

I do not include Google Cloud here because they are geared toward providing services to those with technical skills, and that excludes any DIY efforts or web designers with limited high-tech experience.

Proprietary Page Builders

Wix, Weebly and GoDaddy are the three leading players in this category. All three can be challenging to move to a WordPress theme or Elementor. 

Why is this an issue? Have you looked at GoDaddy’s Year Two? 

Sure, GoDaddy has a great Year One price of $45 for a Web Hosting Economy plan. But in Year Two, their price goes back to $218.47!

USD $219 (or CAD $295.87) is USD $18.25 (or CAD $24.66) per month for basic, entry-level hosting that supports one website!

Now let’s look at what GoDaddy does not include with that:

  • The biggest problem with GoDaddy entry-level hosting is backup. They only offer recovery from the day before. When a site is hacked, you may need to go back a few days to reload a backup, especially if you do not look at your site because you were on vacation. In other words, one day of recovery is useless!

GoDaddy sells an add-on for USD $35.88/year for the service that provides backup lasting 30 days. The screenshot below shows proof of this Year One add-on that is essential.

This screenshot shows that GoDaddy only keeps website backups for one day!

  • GoDaddy also doesn’t supply email after Year One. Instead, they try to sell people on Microsoft 365 Business Essentials, which is email and access to Microsoft Office. In year two and beyond, these features and email, as a bundle, cost an insane CAD $179.88 (or USD $136.87) per year!

Even if all you do after the first year is keep the email alone (Microsoft Essentials), you still pay CAD $35.88 ($27.12) a year to receive email!

You are already paying for server space and server time for the hosting; now, you need to pay for more. It’s bad business!

This screenshot shows what you pay GoDaddy for their email only add-on with hosting, which they call Microsoft Essentials

  • Summary: GoDaddy supplies hosting and two email accounts in Year One for USD $45 + a backup cost of USD $27 for a grand total of $72. Then, in year two, the price for hosting jumps to USD $219 + Email of USD $27 for email + USD $27 for backups (up to 5 GB). This is a total of USD $273 for an entry-level, one-website hosting plan!

If you add year one and year two together, that is USD $345 for two years of hosting, backup and email (only one email in year two!)

Get My Free Website is free for six months, costs $9.99 per month thereafter and includes an Elementor Pro license, email and backups!

If you are doing the MATH the GoDaddy option is USD $345 less USD $179.82 or USD $165.18 more for the first two years. Every year thereafter, GoDaddy is USD $225 more!

The entry-level web hosting package from Bluehost has no backup at all, not even one day. And no SSL is included after the first year; it becomes an add-on service. In addition, five emails are included, but each can only contain 100 MB of storage, which is ridiculous, even for a small business, as you will see when you review my section on this page entitled Email and Hosting.

When I chatted with customer service while on the Bluehost website, getting information for this article, I learned that they try to get people to upgrade to their Choice Plus service, which is an introductory or Year One price of USD $5.45/month, paid annually. This jumps to $14.99/month, paid annually in year two!

In defence of Bluehost, they offer monthly, quarterly and 6-month term prices, too. However, USD $24.99 to get five unlimited email accounts is expensive.

Get My Free Website offers members up to 10 email accounts with 5 GB storage on each, which is more than enough. After all, you do not need to keep every email for years and years; you can delete a block of old emails from time to time!

Again, “unlimited” is sold as a “benefit” when it is deceptive marketing. Maybe a lawyer needs to keep every email with clients, but online marketers and almost all brick-and-mortar businesses certainly do not.

Here is what happens when you have three years’ worth of email in your account and keep most messages:

This is a screenshot of actual email storage used on one email account.

This is 6630 MB, which is almost 6.5 GB, all consumed by nothing but email storage. For a security company, having a track record of client communication and reporting may be necessary, but I am sure that at least 90% of these emails can be deleted.

More on email is in the section on this page entitled Email and Hosting.

There is no EMAIL with the Elementor Hosting.

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