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and; The Founder's Short Story

The Founder’s Short Story—meaning the founder of Get My Free Website—gives you a window into why this website and free offer make so much sense. And it will soon cause you to have trouble sleeping at night (from the excitement)!

Steven Peter Burke (Smiling Steve) started his first website in 1996 (it had a name change in 1998 to Network Marketing News—this link is to a website capture on The Wayback Machine @ Archive DOT ORG). By 1999, this site had 50,000 opt-ins, a lot for back then.

That year (1999), after a particularly successful and lucrative ad campaign (The Small Business Launchpad), Smiling Steve and his partner purchased Fax-on-Demand (FOD) software and a high-end computer server. However, after that US$15,000 investment, they had trouble selling FOD services, so they stopped trying to sell this service.

The new marketing concept was to give it away for free!

With that simple change, their business was altered forever. Over the next couple of years, 6,431 people availed themselves of the FREE FOD service.

Do you think Smiling Steve was able to cash in on this literal flood of new customers? Yep. In 2000, Smiling Steve had his first million-dollar+ year ($1.12 million).

In fact, in 2001, Smiling Steve was on track to crush the year before when 9/11 happened. That event put everyone in shock, it was as if everyone lost their enthusiasm, especially in the U.S. (This was the main market Smiling Steve was servicing). Nonetheless, he still earned over $1 million that year!

In 2002, Smiling Steve started offering free autoresponders. In total, 16,403 people took advantage of this 2nd free service giveaway. 

There was some crossover of people who went for the first freebie and the 2nd one, and over the last twenty years, the actual crossover statistics were lost, but it was less than 20%.

In other words, approximately 13 thousand new customers came from the 2nd free service giveaway, which meant these two offers generated slightly under 20 thousand (about 19,551) total customers to market services to.

Better still, all that Smiling Steve did was let his customers know. Word of mouth took over from there, and that meant there was only a minor advertising and overhead cost of just over $1.00 per prospective customer. But how many converted into buyers? Great question.

Of those nearly 20 thousand free service users, 5,977 bought services, and many were repeat customers who purchased regularly.

Over a period of a few years, approximately $4 million dollars came in from these two smart giveaways!

Talk about market testing. Almost 30% became paying customers, but there were unquantifiable benefits from these campaigns, too, as we did not track referrals!

Many people bought services that never signed up for the freebies, and we did not record the stat of who referred them (though we were very aware of this big-time bonus). We do know that a high percentage of sales could be traced back to the two freebie marketing campaigns.

Ultimately, we estimated the total result was $6.3 million in highly profitable revenue from two fabulous giveaways!

It is truthful to say that Smiling Steve created a life for himself because he learned the value of giving away free services to build a list of people who knew him and learned to trust him.

In 2018, Smiling Steve got the idea to give away 6 months of website hosting and email, including an installed WordPress website with a high-end, 3rd party web page builder that allows almost anyone to build a website.

He knew that the website hosting & support market was ripe for attracting affiliates. It was an attractive side hustle that billions needed!

If he gave away a website hosting package that was legitimately worth $75 or more (but cost a wholesaler far less), he would completely remove business startup risk. Suddenly, a side hustle could spring to life with almost no cost!

In addition, he had seen that many of the recognizable brands of web hosting services were using Deceptive Marketing techniques. He knew that this was stupid because it would result in losing business and sensed the smarter, more transparent way would be better.

What if there was a membership offer that followed the 6 months of free hosting? And a low rate for hosting renews? What if everyone was told the truth upfront (rather than being surprised by service price increases, especially in year two)?

It has been proven that a website hosting supplier can sell a $2.95-a-month plan, but when customers pay eight to ten times as much in year two, they do not have to like it!

It was time for a reasonable offer and transparency, so why not create a buyers club? After all, that is a proven strategy that simply has never been applied to web hosting services (at least not with great value included).

The idea was solid.

Just as that service was about to be prepared and a website (like this one) was about to be created, Covid hit. Smiling Steve was wary of starting this project then. 

In his experience, especially after 9/11 but also 2007-08, Smiling Steve knew unusual periods in time hurt business, so he delayed the launch during the pandemic. Shifting gears, Smiling Steve used that time to write two books on marketing, which he had always meant to write but never had time for.

Then, in early 2023, Smiling Steve finally finished the books and marketing and had free time again. He got ready to make the Get My Free Website offer.

What is the difference this time from the two aforementioned giveaways? The Affiliate Program. This time many others not only received free services but had the opportunity to get wealthy, too.

The thought was that at least a million people were ripe to jump on the free website offer, but not if Smiling Steve did all the marketing. However, once lots of hungry affiliates were added to the equation, it became more than doable.

More importantly, if this were not done, many people would suffer that did not have to (Smiling Steve explains why in more detail in his videos).

With free hosting for 6 months, other giveaways like the page builder (currently US$59 for an annual license), and free email, it was an attractive proposition that removes the risk of starting a side hustle.

Those who decide to GET MY FREE WEBSITE (the customers) would become members to get other services for a 20% discount (or more), and so they could renew the website hosting at a dirt cheap rate.

More importantly, this would give affiliates a valuable tool to build their personal lists. And, if you give away valuable stuff that people need, they are naturally quite grateful.

Now, ask yourself this important question: what would you rather do, market to strangers or to a list of grateful people?

Not much to think about, is there?

Build Your List

Many marketing gurus have said that the person with the biggest list earns the most. And that is certainly true if you look at Smiling Steve’s experiences.

The goal is to educate you on using this giveaway to help you build trust with your list.

Smiling Steve will create a video series on how to build your list with the free website offer. This series will be free for all members (membership is $19/year and includes a free page builder worth $59).

The key to this offer and building your own list is to make the FREE WEBSITE offer on your website, not an affiliate site!

Then, your email list is built at the same time as ours is. 

If you do it the other way, you will not be building your own email list. And the chance to have subscribers who are also grateful to you for telling them about the free website offer is dramatically diminished. 

Traditional affiliates can’t use a 3rd party giveaway unless they two-step it. This means they must drive people to an opt-in form on their site and then forward that person to another one on the 3rd party site. And this will cause a high degree of bounces.

Similarly, if you post on social media to attract prospects, you will send them directly to your affiliate link. And in most cases, you won’t even know if they clicked on it!

These problems are removed when you can put the GET MY FREE WEBSITE offer on your own site, such as this one (on Side Hustle Jam):

This is a screenshot of the homepage of Side Hustle Jam

As you can see, on the above website, the bottom button (above on the right side of the image) is the Get My Free Website offer.

Now, anyone who is driven to this page, be it from word-of-mouth, ads, posts, articles, podcasts, or videos, is not leaving the site. Using a simple tool known as WEB HOOKS, the data is sent back to the 3rd party supplier (in this case, us) and added to the email list of Side Hustle Jam (or whatever your site will be or is called).

It’s an eloquent solution. 

What is an example of a solution that is not eloquent? You contribute to a Facebook Group, building your reputation carefully. Once established, you promote a book on something related to this group, and Amazon pays you an affiliate commission. However, they do not provide you with the buyer’s email address!

Read my lips; everything you do should be about building your list, establishing K.L.T. (known, like & trust) with your followers, and monetizing your follower list in such a way as to maintain the loyalty of your followers. 

Getting paid without getting the data is a one time payout. Building a loyal following will make you money for years or even decades!


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