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Become a GET MY FREE WEBSITE Affiliate

It is important to us that anyone can get started as an Affiliate. Thus, you do not need to pay for the right to represent this fantastic free giveaway and benefit from all the potential back-end profits!

In addition, you can make this offer on your own website, which is desirable (rather than using an affiliate link), and explained in some detail at the bottom of the About page.

even though you can be an affiliate for free, you will earn approximately ten times as much if you are also a member, which currently costs $19/year!

Year One payouts for affiliates who refer members are the same for members and non-members. You receive an $8 membership fee (those who become members later on pay more for their membership, as described below).

After the first hosting renewal (paid monthly but treated as if it was annual), which occurs six months after the FREE WEBSITE is set up, non-member affiliates receive one month of the hosting fee¹ (the equivalent of $1/month). Affiliates that are also members receive far more potential profits, as you will see.

Profit from the 1st year of annual renewal of membership fees is shared with affiliates who are non-members. The yearly renewal of the membership fee for year two is shared with affiliates that are members, and the annual renewal for every year after that is only shared with affiliates that maintain 20 or more members.

The other back-end profits from GET MY FREE WEBSITE are only shared with affiliates with 20 or more active members, explained in detail in training. And these “back ends” are potentially far more lucrative than anything named on this web page!

To understand the compensation paid to affiliates, read the web page with the Affiliate compensation plan.

Income Claims

In Canada–if the business opportunity is not a franchise–under sections 55 and 55.1 of the Competitions Act, you cannot make public income claims about a business opportunity. And though this is not a multi-level (Network marketing) compensation plan, we will adhere to these policies.

In the U.S., income claims are permitted by the FTC as long as they are not deceptive and only if the average income of participants appears with your offer (meaning with your ad or post, not just on the web page).

That is why Get My Free Website will not allow INCOME CLAIMS. Affiliates may not use them, and, by the way, there is a more effective form of marketing.

Since the potential is easy to speak of without making income claims, and income claims can land one into hot soup (legally), why practice such methods? It just does not make sense.

You could ask questions like this:

Imagine yourself being known for helping people start a website. How many people would love to take advantage of that to start a side hustle business?

There is no claim in that statement. There is nothing deceptive about that statement. And, yet, the potential is something they can feel.

Imagine that the majority of people who want to start a website do, and you get paid every month for the monthly website hosting fee for each of them!

Is there an income claim? No. Is this honest? Yes.

Since there is no fee to be an affiliate, there is no quid pro quo (something expected in return). Even the membership fee pays for itself without being an affiliate. And that means that GMFW is honest and legal.

We believe that people do not start websites because they fear technology. And we believe people do not start businesses because they fear risk. At no cost, with a drag-and-drop web page builder, there are no issues with risk or TECH.

That is why we believe giving away six months of web hosting and a license fee for the page builder is today’s ultimate free cheese offer. 

Like at a market, where the sample cheese pieces lead to the sales of cheese, the giveaway of no-cost websites will also lead to the same (website hosting and other back-end sales). Can we prove it? Nope.

Now you see that the founder of GET MY FREE WEBSITE will not be drawn into the trap of making an income claim even though he believes this is a brilliant offer.

However, in six months, we will be able to prove it.

In a year, we can prove how many take the offer, how many stick with the hosting, how many stay as customers, how much the affiliates make, etc.

There is one predicament with waiting until we have the proof. The opportunity will not be the same!

Since the only cost you may consider incurring to max the payouts from being a GET MY FREE WEBSITE affiliate is $19, which is tax-deductible, and since you can start with nothing, why wouldn’t you consider doing this?

And why would you make an income claim when you don’t have to?

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Becoming & Maintaining Affiliate Status with GET MY FREE WEBSITE

Get My Free Website is hereinafter referred to as GMFW. And the individual applying to become an affiliate is hereinafter referred to as the ‘applicant’ (for ease of writing and for legal reasons).

  1. GMFW reserves the right to refuse applications by any person or entity to become an affiliate, though it would not do so lightly.
  2. GMFW restricts the allowed methods of advertising and wording that can be used in ads. Violating this condition may result in the termination of an affiliate without warning. If this is necessary, the affiliate will lose any unpaid compensation without arbitration or legal recourse.
  3. GMFW prohibits using brand names other than GET MY FREE WEBSITE and WordPress in any and all advertising or social media posts (you cannot mention the names of any plugins, including but not limited to the page builder).
  4. If accepted as an affiliate, the applicant may use the term “page builder” but may use the brand name of page builder in their ads, on social media, or in presentations (they may not use 3rd party brand names anywhere online).
  5. Affiliates are permitted and encouraged to use adjectives before the term page builder, such as “amazing page builder” or our favorites, which are “best in class page builder” or “drag and drop page builder” – they are only prohibited from the use in any form of marketing of the brand name of that page builder.
  6. The applicant needs to understand that deceptive marketing of any kind and income claims may result in the loss of affiliate status without warning or compensation.
  7. Affiliates receive payouts (compensation for their marketing efforts) once a month.
  8. Affiliates may not directly receive payment for the services provided by GMFW without written express permission.
  9. Affiliates may not compete with GMFW while they are an affiliate and may not use the data collected as an affiliate to market similar services to members, customers, and affiliates of GMFW.
  10. No fee is charged for the right to become an affiliate. However, affiliates who are members earn far more.
  11. If the applicant is accepted and then is incarcerated or becomes ill while being an affiliate, the fact that they cannot renew their membership is not the responsibility or fault of GMFW, and GMFW will not be blamed for an affiliate’s loss or compensation losses.
  12. The affiliate cannot combine or piggyback the free website offer with any other offer by GMFW or another company, entity or person.
  13. The Affiliate understands that the future and technology are not guaranteed and agrees that GMFW is not responsible to the applicant for losses or perceived losses should this FREE WEBSITE offer need to be terminated.
  14. The average gross profit of each website user (FREE WEBSITE sign-up) may exceed $5 per month for ten years ($600), which means there is a lot of potential earnings for an applicant from becoming an affiliate with GMFW. However, GMFW makes no guarantee as to earnings, if any.
  15. The potential of $600 of earnings over ten years for referring a member to GMFW does not include some of the back-end profit ideas that GMFW will share with the applicant if they are accepted.
  16. The real money in marketing is made in the back end, and “customers are worth more than you think!”
  17. Though marketing may state that there is a limitation to this offer (Like; Get your FREE WEBSITE while supplies last!), it is the intent of GMFW to continue to offer blocks of licenses with hosting that make up the FREE WEBSITE offer.
  18. Should any term within these conditions (or on this website) be found to be unlawful, it will be deemed severed from this agreement, and the rest of the terms and conditions will remain in force.
  19. GMFW does not want to terminate affiliates, but the willingness to do so protects the business from operating illegally (due to lone wolf marketing), protecting the remaining affiliates from a loss of income from past and future efforts.
  20. GMFW will continue to use drip marketing on referred FREE WEBSITE customers to turn them into paying customers, which in turn earns a commission or compensation for the affiliate. Please leave that up to us.
  21. Any affiliate that disparages GMFW will be terminated and face a cease and desist order, which will be secured at the expense of the affiliate (along with court costs).

Affiliate Compenstion

Click the chart below to find out more about Affiliate Compensation.

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The Get My Free Website logo has the website address as words and a Earth icon with the word FREE overlaid
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