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How to contact 'Get My Free Website'

When you are reaching out to contact Get My Free Website, know that we provide appointment-based support services. In other words, you can book time with us, and we do not exit that service call (webinar or other type of meeting) until your issue is solved.

Once we receive the information in the form, we will email you an appointment booking link if necessary. Otherwise, we will respond and answer your question via email.

This is not only an explanation of how we help but also a guarantee of how we handle minor and major issues!

This is also how we reduce the cost of providing service. And that is critical because every way we can come up with to think better than other suppliers means we can offer services at a more reasonable price (far more reasonable in our case).

The other style of service means people are paid to wait until someone shows up, which costs far more. And, usually, these people are low-paid foreigners, which is annoying, mainly because you can’t understand them.

The process begins with you telling us what you need help with. Complete the form on the right, and we will send an email confirming we received your request for support. Before you know it, we will share a calendar that you can use to choose a time that best suits you for us to meet you on Zoom.

It is that simple.

Also, if it takes a day longer to get your service situation or website set up completed, we extend your license so that you do not lose value–not even a day– due to us not being available at a moment’s notice.

This saves you money and is fair.

You can reach Get My Free Website via email using the form below. We can also be contacted via Snail Mail at our physical address:

Get My Free Website
1047 County Rd #15
Picton, Ontario
K0K 2T0

To send us an email, complete the form below:

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