There's no better way to build an email list that makes you money for years, than by giving away a valuable marketing tool for free!

Don’t take our word for it.

In several videos and conference speeches, Neil Patel known as one of the best online marketers— suggests that giving away valuable tools for free is the best way to attract your target customers. Click this link to hear him do that in this short video (pictured on the right).

What is the best tool to offer for free to attract entrepreneurs? Can you imagine anything that compares to a website with all the bells and whistles? We couldn’t!

What does it cost to be an affiliate? Nothing. However, you will make more if you are a member, which is $19/year. And that is the only cost.

Play Video about This is a photo of Neil Patel that is a placehiolder for a short video in which he describes givign away tools for free to attract customers.

Check out what’s included with the website:

  • WordPress (pre-installed)
  • Best-in-class Drag & Drop, Web Page Builder (pre-installed)
  • 2 free emails (a catchall & a custom email address)
  • Speed Optimization & Security
  • SEO plugin (pre-installed)
  • Unlimited Landing Pages & lots of Web Page Templates

Members also receive these benefits for USD $19 annually:

  • Free renewal of the Page Builder license (saves USD $59) — after 6 months of free use, when hosting kicks at $9.95 per month, members get the Page Builder license for free 
  • Priority tech support
  • Access to the server to set up an additional 3 email addresses (5 total)

Affiliates that are members also receive this:

  • Two pre-installed Get My Free Website landing pages (x2) — on for the website giveaway and one (like this) for the Affiliate offer.

The process is simple. Just sign up as an Affiliate for free, and we will send you instructions on becoming a member if you want to.

Again, membership is optional to website USERS and AFFILIATES, and affiliates are not required to have a website, but it sure makes life easier.

To sign up, fill in the form below.

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