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Why would you pay for a website & business when you can start your side hustle for free?

It may be free, but this website has everything!

Website Features

Your free WordPress website is pre-installed, comes with two emails addresses, and pre-installed plugins.

All of the valuable features of this offer are explained on the right (below on a mobile device).


The best-in-class Page Builder is drag and drop, which means almost anyone can build a website with it. And that is why we chose it.

However, I am sure you would appreciate having a video to watch when you want to do something. That is the way we see it, too, and that is why we include this with the Free Website offer.

Affiliate Program:

When it comes to building a list of prospective customers, knowing that a predictable percentage will become paying customers, nothing compares to giving away a high-end tool. Can you think of any more valuable tool to give away than a quality website?

We couldn’t, and that is why we are doing this.

You can start as an Affiliate for free. So you might want to consider this because a button on your Free Website that says Get My Free Website will make you look like a pro and make you money!


This is optional for Users and Affiliates. Yet, for USD $19, it is worth considering as it includes add-ons no other reputable company offers.

For instance, members can set up their additional email addresses and access backups.

6 Months of Free Hosting

After the first 6 months, website hosting costs a fraction of reputable suppliers at only $9.95/month, paid monthly!

A free best-in-class Page Builder

You receive a license for one of, if not the best, WordPress page builders for the entire free hosting period.

After the free period is over, you do not pay USD $59 for a license like the rest of the world, as we include it (and much more) with our USD $19 annual membership.

Free Email

Most of the web hosting companies include limited email services or charge for it!

We include the same value of email service that other companies charge USD $5/month for, but times 2!

That means you will receive a custom email address and a catchall email for INFO@ and TechSupport@ and so on.

Speed Optimization included

If a web page takes a long time to load, visitors bounce, and that is not desirable. With other web hosting providers, you pay for a plugin to optimize speed, with us it is included.

WPRocket, the best in case optimization WordPress plugin costs USD $59, ours is equally good and included.

Website Security & Backup included

There is a web hosting company that offers $2.95/month for the introductory year. This sounds appealing until you realize that they do not include automatic backup services.

They charge USD $59.95 per year for backup, which no one who was serious about building a website would go without. Ours? Included at no extra charge!


WordPress, The Page Builder, Security, Speed Optimization, SEO, and more are installed for you and ready to go.

To sign up as a Free Affiliate, fill in the form below.

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