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Our Offer Catalog containing Services, Pricing & exclusive member discounts

To not delay the launch of the mindblowing Get My Free Website offer, we have included a few back-end services (with pricing & member discounts), and more will be added later.

People will want to know the cost of hosting their website after the free 6-month period and if we can help them with other things they may be concerned about. That is why we created this web page.

Things like your potential need for a logo and/or a site icon, which we can create for you, and creating templates for your website is a must to have out of the gate. SEO services, which include website audits and keyword planners, while just as critical to offer, are not as mission-critical to get a website up.

An assessment of the potential back-end profits of your business (or special offer) is another deal. Because most people do not know how to make the big bucks in a small to medium-sized business, we need to show them. That is why that must be offered out of the gate.

The top of this web page—what you are reading now—will change as we add to this web page. We thought you should understand why we launched with just a few basic and advanced services for members and why many were not included (as yet).

Our Services, Prices and Member Discounts include but are not limited to the following:






This image shows the word HOSTING rotated vertically with a black background
Web Hosting 

This hosting package, which is paid monthly, includes a managed WordPress install with an Elementor Pro license, email, a proven speed optimization plug-in, security, and backups.



Two notes about hosting pricing:

  1. There are several hosting packages available (in addition to the above), but this one will be the most common.
  2. *Non-members don’t receive a page-builder license, which is $59 from Elementor.*
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Custom Logo 
Site Icon

We design a custom logo for your brand or company.

We design a custom site icon from your logo.





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Page & Post templates
Footer Design
Install & Customize Membership plug-in
Install & Customize e-Commerce Plug-in

These allow you to create a web page or post on your site easily— just copy & paste text & images.

The footer is at the bottom of each web page & contains links to important pages & contact info, etc.

If you wish to offer membership on your site, you need this!

We install WooCommerce & set up your first products too!









This image of a black box contains the words Business Strategy & Site Promotion
Press Release
Back-End Strategy

A press release gets exposure to your site and over 300 backlinks!

1 hour w/ Smiling Steve to create a plan for exploding your profits, especially in the back-end. Includes written report/plan & follow-up sessions.





This image shows the word SEO rotated vertically with a black background
Site Audit
Keyword Planning

This is a Technical SEO Audit to determine why your site is not performing on Search Engines.

This is a list of keyword phrases to use in your posts—literally a plan for what you should post about.





This image shows the words Content Creation rotated vertically with a black background
Write a Blog Post

Up to 900 words on a keyword phrase that is capable of ranking.



This graphic contains a 20% off image and a 50% off image with the words Members receive 20 to 50% off plus exclusive offers

Logo vs. Site ICON;
why they are often different!

In the image below, you can see that the LOGO has more detail than the Site Icon. This is because a site icon displays within a browser tab, which is so small the detail would be lost.

Consider getting both made so your company stands out both online and off.

This graphic has two images with the title LOGO VS ICON and showign a logo and icon version of that logo, which is different.

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