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Apply for the Get My Free Website offer while supplies last!

The Free Website from Get My Free Website includes website hosting, free email & a limit of 900 licenses of a best-in-class page-builder to give away!

There is only one problem with the Get My Free Website offer; once we have given away 900 licenses to the superb drag-and-drop page builder plug-in we supply with the WordPress web hosting, this free website offer may expire without notice.

We strongly suggest that you register right now (using the form on this page) while we still have supplies (licenses) to give away!

If you are interested in our surprisingly lucrative Affiliate program, you can use the Affiliate sign-up form here.

To be clear, no one needs to be a member to receive the FREE WEBSITE offer. However, those taking this offer who become members too will pay less for website hosting after the free website offer is complete (Feb 22, 2023). In other words, members receive a much lower renewal price.

5 Steps to getting your Free Website online

You could have a website online as soon as tomorrow (or the first weekday that follows) if you follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete the form on this page to lock in your free website (an installed WordPress website; with hosting & page builder license) before supplies run out!
  2. Do you own a Domain (website address)? If yes, point the DNS to the (NS1 & NS2) addresses in the first email we send you. If no, in that same email, we will give you advice as to safe vendors that you can use to acquire your own Domain for between $10 and $15. Then set the nameservers for this new domain.
  3. Remit your domain to us using the special web address we include in your first email.
  4. We will send you login instructions (this may take up to 3 days, depending on when your Domain name propagates online).
  5. Follow simple instructions in one of two videos, and in minutes, your website will be live!

What extra value do members receive that non-members do not?

Members receive two powerful benefit that non-members do not:

  1. A hosting renewal fee of $9.95/month. The list price for hosting for non-members is $19.95 a month ($120 a year savings)
  2. The price for a membership in the first or 2nd month of the 6 months of the free website offer is $19 per year. The price after that is $35 for a membership per year.
  3. Education – non-members & members receive videos called page builder tips. Members receive SUCCESS STORIES and MARKETING MASTERY (training) on how to build their business. These are priceless!
  4. Members receive a different weekly update than non-members. The members will get Success Stories and Marketing Mastery in addition to page builder tips.

Since it only costs $19 for a membership, and members receive a hosting renewal fee that costs $120/year less and far less than reputable suppliers. And since all others pay $35 for membership (also to save $120 savings and get benefit #4 above), it makes sense to become a member in the first two months. 

Every week we will record training and marekting ideas for members and release it. This means members receive training and education that non-members do not.

We feel really good about the inclusion of examples of how some people get a free website and build a successful company. And, on GET MY FREE WEBSITE, these will be known as Success Stories (actual case studies).

The Success Stories will be posted on this site but will only be available to members. The HOW TO use the page-builder videos will be available to non-members.

In addition to the Success Stories, Marketing Mastery is only available to members too. And this portion of our education can and will affect your future Success Story if you pay attention to it and apply some of the tips that are shared.

So that is it, Case Studies and Marketing Mastery plus some very powerful offers, like one-on-one time with Smilign Steve, are only available to members. What are they worth? If just one idea puts an extra $1 million in your bank over time, you would have paid as much as you could to get it today, right?

Members get all of this for free and save money over non-members, as well as receiving many services for far less than people who buy website hosting and other online services from other suppliers.

Why pay more?

This author worked with GoDaddy for nearly 20 years. In all that time GoDaddy never included Marketing Mastery.

Elementor does not include Marketing Mastery. Bluehost doesn’t either. 

Tp understand our philosophy, you need to understand what the reason is to be in business. And that is to solve problems.

For many people, technology is a problem, they are not technically inclined. For others, marketing is a challenge and they are not naturally good (or even okay) at all the things that go with marketing.

People shy away from having their own websites because of fears of being able to handle technology.

Others don’t start a business or side hustle because of fears that business is risky.

We believe we can turn TECH into your friend and remove RISK from almost any small to medium-sized business.

Can we prove that without having the right to email you? No. We cannot even begin to build a relationship without your permission and that is why we gave away a free website and include so much value in membership!

We can help you change your life. And we have paid a lot of money–this refers to our cost for the free services–to get the chance to do just that.

Do you want more money?

It all begins with a risk-free, no-cost website!

See you on the other side!


The terms & Conditions of this offer

The following Terms & Conditions apply to those who avail themselves of the Get My Free Website offer:

  1.  If you register for a free website you will hereinafter be known as the ‘user’.
  2. GET MY FREE WEBSITE reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse the application (above) to receive a free website from this offer (though it would not do so lightly — see #4 below).
  3. There are a limited number of page builder licenses available (slightly more than 900 currently), and once those are depleted, this offer may end without notice.
  4. This offer may only be used by the user to create a business website for the user and may not be used to create a political site, a charity site, a porn site or any type of social website, especially not sites about hate (all sites must have an inclusivity focus) or guns or explosives.
  5. The owner or one of the owners of the company who registers to become a GET MY FREE WEBSITE user and develop a business website must be the individual named in the form above, and that person is solely responsible for satisfying these terms and conditions fully (meaning we cannot accept an employees name or the names of people in an agency).
  6. This offer is currently only available to those who communicate via the English language, and we apologize for this, but if we cannot read the site, we cannot be sure if # 4 (above) is being abused.
  7. This offer is available to anyone, but only one free website will be provided to any entity, be that a person or company, and for the purposes of this offer alone, a company and its owner are not separate entities but the same entity (if a user starts another business, even though it may be incorporated, for the purposes of this offer, they already received their one and only free website).
  8. The users of this site may not import an existing client, customer, patient,, fan or follower list without express permission from Steven Peter Burke (known online as Smiling Steve), the founder of GET MY FREE WEBSITE (meaning; this site and the marketing done from or pointing to it cannot be SPAM).
  9. The use of email marketing software (autoresponder, email notification software, etc.) in conjunction with this website must be done using the email marketing software provided by GET MY FREE WEBSITE, and this add-on is available from GET MY FREE WEBSITE at the same or lower cost as most other providers on the market.
  10. Any user who does email marketing will only be allowed to so if they adhere to a strict opt-in policy and allow users to be removed from the list (or all lists) at any time.
  11. The individual who registers to get a free website from GET MY FREE WEBSITE understands that if the page builder license supplied with the web hosting is not used to create a website within 60 days, this offer may, at the sole discretion of GET MY FREE WEBSITE, be revoked and the license given to someone who will use it.
  12. Users of the Get MY Free Website offer will receive the website and page builder for free until Feb 22, 2023. At the time that this offer was made, the users that sign up will receive more than 6 months of free services. Anyone signing up later may receive less than 6 months of free services.
  13. GET MY FREE WEBSITE, its owners and assigns will not be responsible to users for losses or damages due to Internet outages or maintenance periods but will do their best to update the users of anything that is planned so that they will not waste money on advertising.
  14. The owners of GET MY FREE WEBSITE are dedicated to providing website hosting and other services below fair market prices, and that means the website renewal fee (after Feb 22, 2023) will be less than other reputable suppliers. 
  15. Three email addresses are included with this offer at no additional cost, and GET MY FREE WEBSITE does not charge for email (it is included in hosting).
  16. GET MY FREE WEBSITE will set up a WordPress install, create an ADMIN account within that website for the user, then supply login information to the user. In addition, they will set up email addresses, install plug-ins, including the page builder, configure security settings and optimize for speed, all for free.
  17. GET MY FREE WEBSITE will also create an ADMIN user for access by staff and will never use this to change the content on the site, but merely to be able to make sure that site is operating correctly.
  18. The ADMIN account created for GET MY FREE WEBSITE will not be deleted or altered by the site user. 
  19. Website backups will be done daily by GET MY FREE WEBSITE in case the site malfunctions or is hacked (so it can be easily reinstalled).
  20. GET MY FREE WEBSITE reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to delete the WordPress website and reissue the page builder license of any user who is in violation of these terms and conditions (this is not something we would do lightly).
  21. If a user employs the free website to break the law, their access to their site will be terminated immediately.
  22. This offer does not include registering a domain name–that is the sole responsibility of the user. After you complete the form on this page, we will send suggestions as to where the domain can be registered inexpensively. 
  23. GET MY FREE WEBSITE reserves the right to add to these terms and conditions at any time and prior to any user reciting notification of such a change, should it be required.

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