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Return & Cancellation Policies

Unless you signed up to launch a new territory, there’s no fee to be an Affiliate. So, no refund or cancellation is required. Simply stop promoting Get My Fee Website, and that is it. We have separate policies for (1) membership and (2) paid hosting & other services, which are segmented below.


The membership fee is $19/year. For this fee, you primarily receive discounted web hosting services, which are far below the standards set by the industry. 

There are other services for which you can also receive a discount. However, if you cancel hosting, there is no need for a membership. Cancelling the membership is what this section is about.

If you have had the membership for 90 days, you can cancel, but there is no return or monies owed you from Get My Free Website. In such a case, you would be putting an end to the automatic billing of $19 in subsequent years. 

If you cancel your membership within 30 days, the entire $19 will be returned to you. And if you cancel between 31 and 89 days, you will receive 50% of the $19 back.

So, for 30 days, if you cancel, the membership 100% of the membership fee is returned.

Cancellation of Hosting & other services

All new customers receive six months of free services with no obligation whatsoever. We do not even keep a credit card or payment method on file.

If you do not renew, your website will expire, and you will not even pay a penny!

After the first six months, all hosting is billed monthly, with your payment method, which you will provide after the free period. On any given month, you can cancel, and the following month, you will not be billed, and your website will be cancelled.

Other Services

Members receive discounts for press releases, content creation, keyword planning (for content), web design, logo design, and more.

If a service is ordered and work has begun, that portion of the agreement will not receive a refund. However, any ongoing work (after that portion) would be cancelled.

For instance, a GET MY FREE WEBSITE client that orders us to write blogs for them cannot cancel the blog we are working on. However, if we were under contract to create a blog post every week, we would not work on the next blog post but only finish the one we are working on.

In this way, you only pay for services we provide, not any future cancelled services. This is for both sides.

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