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Regional Director - a limited Special Affiliate position

Australia, New Zealand & Ireland already have special affiliates known as Master Regional Directors. Within these regions are sub-regions, such as large Provinces or States, that will need a local Regional Director to occasionally assist members and affiliates (this help is not Tech Support).

We intend to divide all U.S. States and Canadian Provinces into regions and eventually have a Regional Director in each.

Of course, other English-speaking countries or regions, including but not limited to Nigeria (for instance), England, Scotland, and Wales, also require assistance. And there are no Regional Directors in many of these locations yet.

Since we believe that up to a million people will avail themselves of the Get My Free Website offer, Regional Directors stand to make much more money.

Qualifying Regional Directors will receive a bonus for every new member in their region and profit sharing. And staying qualified for this extra income is neither tough nor onerous.

All you need to do to be a Regional Director is reside in that time zone and region and agree to point members and affiliates to the video they need to learn a marketing skill or web design skill. If tech support is required, you could set a time for that support that works for the member or Affiliate by booking a calendar invitation.

To stay qualified, the Regional Director needs to refer a total of 20 members and continue to refer one new member per quarter and one new affiliate per month. Of course, all compensation that is paid to affiliates is also paid to Regional Directors in addition to Regional Director bonuses.

Regional Directors also receive a share of profits from the back-end services. We are recording a video on this extra bonus so it is clearly understood.

Regional Directors will be charged a one-time $100 fee for training.

We anticipate that the time requirement for a Regional Director would be an hour or two a week, and it is highly likely that a Regional Director will make $25,000/year over and above the Affiliate Compensation!

There is one more bonus: if the person who referred the customer is no longer an affiliate, the Regional Director inherits that person as if they referred them (meaning all kinds of Affiliate Compensation is a result of inheritance).

Use the Contact Us form to inquire if a Regional Director position is available in your area. 

Types of Regional Director Bonuses & Compensation

1. As long as they are qualified, they receive all types of Affiliate Compensation.

2. $1 for every member joining within their region (over and above #1 above—if applicable).

3. One share in the Profit Sharing Pool (in addition to any pool shares due from being an affiliate).

4. A portion of the profit from back-end sales from items in the Offer catalogue to members and Affiliates (video coming).

EXAMPLE 1:  If an Affiliate in North America generates a Free Website signup in Nigeria and becomes a member, and you are a Regional Director in Nigeria, you get $1, even though you did nothing!

EXAMPLE 2: If an Affiliate in England (part of the U.K.) generates a Free Website signup in Western Canada, where you are the Regional Director, and that customer becomes a member, you get $1. If, at any time in the future, that customer goes on to order a Press Release for $500, you (the Regional Director in good standing or “qualified”) will receive a $50 bonus, even though you may never have had reason to interact with that customer. That amount becomes $100 if you also refer the customer!

We will share more of how a Regional Director gets bonuses that Affiliates do not in the video.

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