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Affiliate Compensation

Until we release a video (during the Secret Launch phase), the Affiliate Compensation PDF best explains how you make money with GET MY FREE WEBSITE (download it here). The video (when it is released) will explain why this will be a significant affiliate offering that makes the affiliates money for a long time!

The terms and conditions of being an affiliate are listed on this website here, and you can apply to become an affiliate on that web page, too.

You can join as an affiliate and represent Get My Free Website without paying for the right to do so.

Affiliates potentially receive compensation in seven ways, depending on their affiliate type.

There are two main types of affiliates & several Affiliate Levels that can be achieved.

This compensation plan has affiliates and members, and affiliates must remain “in good standing” to receive compensation.

In addition, GET MY FREE WEBSITE may be spelled in full or appear in the short form (GMFW) within compensation plan explanations. 

Of the affiliates, these definitions separate two main types:

  • An affiliate that is not also a member is hereinafter referred to as a Non-Member Affiliate or NMA.
  • An affiliate who is a member is hereinafter referred to as a Member Affiliate or MA.

These are the achievable LEVELS that allow Affiliates that are also Member Affiliates to earn greater compensation, as follows:

  • Any MA who refers a combination of at least 20 members or hosting customers is (from that moment on) referred to as a Bonus Affiliate or BA and is qualified to receive a bonus for helping other affiliates (this affiliate bonus is in addition to the different types of Affiliate Compensation).
  • An MA who refers to a combination of more than 50 members or hosting customers is (from that moment on) referred to as a Super Affiliate or SA and is qualified to receive the Super Bonus for helping other affiliates (this super bonus is in addition to different types of compensation).
  • An SA who continues to refer a combination of members or hosting customers reaches 100 or more is (from that moment on) referred to as an Executive Affiliate or EA and qualifies those Affiliates to receive the Executive Bonus (or profit-sharing).
  • An EA that remains in good standing for five consecutive years can choose to be an RA or Retired Affiliate, which means they can continue to receive compensation forever as if they were an affiliate in good standing.
  • To remain an affiliate in good standing, all an affiliate needs to do is (A) not compete with GET MY FREE WEBSITE–competing with GMFW means starting, becoming an affiliate of or participating in any entity with the same or similar business model as GMFW (doing this may be cause for termination), and; (B) refer ten new members per year, which is a minimal part-time effort, especially for anyone who is building or has built any type of online following.


Those who have NMA status do not receive member renewals. There are other differences in compensation, too, but this is a big deal, as an MA gets a portion of all renewals forever as long as they remain in good standing.

Affiliates who have a combination of fewer than 20 members and hosting customers do not qualify for any of the three bonuses (affiliate bonus, super bonus and executive bonus).

This is not a Network Marketing compensation plan. However, the affiliate bonuses payout in a parent-child relationship to the next person qualified to that achievable level in the compensation plan. This is easier to understand with a diagram. Still, it can be explained as an MA by the name of Bob introducing another MA by the name of Sue, who teaches another MA by the name of Mary, who presents another MA by the name of Steve. Bob refers 100 members and customers, Sue refers 50 members and customers, Mary refers 20 members and customers, and Steve has 1. Bob would receive the Executive Bonus from all of those Affiliates because he is the only one qualified for it in that group. He would also accept all bonuses for Sue.

Similarly, Sue would receive a Super Affiliate bonus for Mary, and Mary would receive the Bonus Affiliate compensation for Steve.

In this way, though these bonuses only pay out to one MA, they can act as if the affiliates were in a multi-generational compensation plan, similar to Network Marketing.

This compensation plan differentiates itself from Network Marketing when everyone is at the same compensation level within a great-grandparent, grandparent, parent and child relationship (and so on). In this case, only one person receives that bonus.

Of course, that is why Pool Shares are essential.

Bonuses and Commissions are not related. To clarify, a brand new affiliate earns a commission on their first and every sale as long as they remain in good standing.

Though renewals for hosting (after the free period) are paid monthly, for the purposes of compensation, we treat them as yearly because this allows us to deal with occasional cancellations more easily.

On this page is a diagram or chart showing compensation. Please refer to it to easily understand parent-child lineage in compensation plans. 

The PDF is a two-page printable version of the compensation plan.

Why this is not MLM

We are not MLM because there’s no Multi-Generational payout in our true affiliate compensation plan. 

In other words, if you look at the card below, the $8 paid out for the 1st Year (in the first column) is paid to anyone but only one person. The total membership fee is $19, and $8 is paid out. 

The column with NMA, MA, BA, SA & EA does not represent generations or levels. They are just titles for eas of understanding. We will create a video to explain it simply, but this is far from being MLM (not that there is anything wrong with MLM).

Affiliate Compensation Card

This chart shows 8 of the 9 types of compensation paid to affiliates of GET MY FREE WEBSITE

Affiliate Compensation Quick References

The Affiliate Compensation Card is above. It can be downloaded but cannot be inserted into something like Google Docs, as it is a next-gen format for websites. The PDF version would be better for printing (below).

The Affiliate Compensation PDF can be viewed, downloaded and printed from here.

The Terms & Conditions of being an Affiliate of GET MY FREE WEBSITE are here.

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