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Web Hosting Service Renewal Price & Policy of Showing Mercy

Web Hosting Service Renewal Price

If you are a member, the price for hosting your website (after the 6-month free service offer), including a WordPress site, Elementor Pro license and email, is US$9.95/month.

This price will be available to anyone who applies to receive free web hosting, which means Get My Free Website will not and cannot increase the web hosting cost between the time of receiving six months of free hosting and the time for renewing that service as a paid web hosting customer within this club.

Furthermore, the $9.95 published price cannot be increased for 12 months after the member starts paying $9.95. This is important, for the hosting fee offered after the six free months is at least 50% of the price from all major web hosting suppliers!

Get My Free Website aims to have the web hosting fee remain at approximately 50% of reputable web hosting suppliers. However, US$9.95 is guaranteed on paid renewal and 11 months after that (12 months total).

How can Get My Free Website offer lower costs?

There are a bunch of reasons why our service price is lower. The first is membership, and with those special rights of members are other discounts, too. But the key to understanding this is no web hosting service provider truly understands the entrepreneurial market.

Entrepreneurs need all kinds of things that web hosting providers have ignored. And one can only admit that they think they are in the web hosting business, never realizing they are in the business of helping entrepreneurs.

Anyone who gets that they need to create content to rank locally or in a niche needs to know how to create content, how to rank content, how to build a list of followers and how to profit from that follower list.

Some SEO providers and Web Hosting Services write about various aspects of what entrepreneurs should do. Still, both market segments miss providing or referring customers to their needed services (outside of web hosting). And neither act as guides.

Being a guide is much different than telling you what to do. For instance, I know a page builder that holds live webinars to show new features, but they do not interact with their customers. Once the show is over, the webinar is done.

We are meeting with customers individually and in groups to answer their questions.

The result? Lost profit and customers who don’t know what to do and have no one to help them do it!

Get My Free Website wants to help entrepreneurs on their journey as guides. We do not want to 

Membership is $19/year, and it gets you 20% of the standard hosting price (the discounted price is US$9.95) and all other services.

We expect to beat all reputable suppliers on web hosting and our catalogue of additional services, too.

Our Policy of Showing Mercy
(or "the forgiveness policy")

If a customer of the web hosting service is also a member who runs into a rough patch and cannot pay their hosting fee on a given month, that fee can be excused. And that means their website will not go offline, nor will their hosting be cancelled! 

The policy of mercy is available to all members and under the following special terms and conditions (in addition to all terms and conditions of membership and web hosting):

  1. The member must be in good standing when they request Get My Free Website to invoke the policy of mercy.
  2. A member in good standing has paid the $19 annual membership in that given year that they run into temporary financial issues and does not owe money to Get My Free Website for other services.
  3. The member must have paid for web hosting services for at least three months to be eligible for Get My Free Website to consider invoking the policy of mercy (meaning, at minimum, they received six months free and then paid for web hosting for an additional three months).
  4. If and when the Get My Free Website member is granted the policy of mercy, that member will still have access to their website for adding content as long as it is the first month of non-payment.
  5. If the member is granted the policy of mercy, one month of web hosting fee will be excused or forgiven (they will not be required to pay that month’s hosting fee back).
  6. To be considered for the policy of mercy, the member may only have requested it once, either within the 12 months after the six months of free service or once in any year after that.
  7. If the member has been excused the hosting fee for one month and cannot pay in the following month, their service will not be terminated, but they will owe the 2nd month’s hosting fee to Get My Free Website.
  8. If a member was excused from one month’s hosting fee and cannot pay in the following month, their website will remain online, but access to the member to make changes to the site will be blocked (meaning in the 3rd month).
  9. If after three months of non-payment (one that was forgiven or excused, one that is owed and a third that causes Get My Free Website to block member access to their site), the member cannot pay the 4th month, their hosting will be terminated after the member is given 15 days to pay that 4th month (they would then owe two months hosting fees to Get My Free Website).
  10. If a member owes Get My Free Website fees for three months, they will be considered to no longer be in good standing, which means the 20% discount for all services will be cancelled.
  11. If a member who has fallen on tough financial times owes Get My Free Website web hosting fees, they will be encouraged to refer new members as affiliates.
  12. At the time that a member owes Get My Free Website web hosting fees, if they become an affiliate and refer five new members per month that they owe fees for who use the free website service to build a site, the amount due will be forgiven o cancelled (as at least one in 5 will renew their hosting).
  13. Should a member refer members to cancel fees owed, they will not receive future affiliate compensation for these referrals (all other referrals will be compensated).
  14. Under exceptional circumstances, Get My Free Website may decide, at their sole discretion, to forgive more than one month of web hosting fees.
  15. The policy of mercy and any forgiveness of fees owed to Get My Free Website remain at the sole discretion of Get My Free Website.
  16. The policy of mercy and the terms and conditions of this special dispensation may be altered at any time without notice (especially in the case of abuse).

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