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Besides money, what does almost everyone
in the world need and nearly no one have?

I’ve made my case below that not only answers the riddle above–about what almost everyone needs & nearly no one has–but also expands on why no one has figured out that this is a big-time opportunity.

I expect you will be surprised and even shocked when you discover my reasoning. 

Yes, this is an affiliate program, but it is unlike any before it. 

Imagine researching a business with the potential for a growth explosion but no out-of-pocket to get started. Is that possible?

Let’s see. If we asked anyone with a TECHIE job if it was possible, they would tell you bluntly;

That ship has already sailed!” 

After hearing that (or even before you heard it), would you seriously consider selling websites or becoming a website hosting provider? Not a chance, right?

That industry is too competitive. Forget it.

However, new information changes this initial perception dramatically. Suddenly, you will see what I see. 

There is a substantial online market that no one is targeting. And it does not take a techie to see it or promote it.

Look, the high-tech industry is not focused on educating potential markets. They are competing for and servicing those looking to set up a website.

It won’t take long to realize that these techies lack marketing creativity. They are great with TECH stuff but miss the real market.

There are many website hosting and domain name buyers every day, which is the market that GoDaddy, BlueHost, Hostgator, Siteground, and many others fight over.

So there are two issues with these (and many other ) Tech companies. First, they all seem to copy each other, using varying degrees of Deceptive Marketing. Not one of them offers web hosting other than by showing it as inexpensive in YEAR ONE with a substantial increase in price in year two.

Secondly, let’s let them fight over that market and employ questionable practices while we are transparent and target a woefully under-serviced market.

What is that market? Everyone that does not have a website, what else?

With that market, there are approximately 3 billion chances to sell something to people who don’t realize they need it. And we are giving it away for free.

Rough calculations show that over 3 billion employees do not have a side hustle business and thus no website!

The magnitude of this market is mindboggling compared to competing for the eyeballs of those who, on any given day, are searching for website hosting and domain registration services. The best part is no person or business is solely focused on it.

In other words, there is almost zero content online about what everyone needs, and nearly no one has, and that opens the door to a massive opportunity for us.

So, the answer to the riddle of what everyone needs and almost no one has is a website.

I am not suggesting a website for an existing business (though we will end up with some of that market, too) or a replicated site for company another business as an affiliate or a Network Marketing participant. I am saying that each person should have a website.

Number of Active Website Businesses

First, we need to look at how many websites there are. Why? Because it quickly proves that few have them personally.

The total number of websites is over a billion, which is a lot. However, this number includes websites for registered businesses, websites for annual or recurring events, web pages to sell individual homes, websites for organized religion (churches), websites for political purposes, websites for weddings and charity websites.

There are websites for all kinds of points of view (like for and against renewable energy) that are not businesses. There are websites for survival and other special interests, and so many others that have nothing to do with the market that is not being serviced.

Now, let’s look at how many of those websites are active, and that is important for more than one reason.

Active websites are only slightly more than 200 million. But don’t take my word for it, as the image below contains the proof.

This is a screeenshot showing how many active websites there are online - source PC World

The screenshot above is from a Google Search Knowledge Panel that displays stats from PC World about how many active websites there are.

What is shocking about only 200 million active websites is evident to anyone in the know. Since you likely aren’t an expert on this, the following stat helps reveal the issue.

This screenshot comes from a Google Search Knowledge Panel about how many businesses there are worldwide
This Google Search Knowledge Panel displays the number of businesses worldwide in 2023 (source; Brimco)

In other words, there are more registered businesses than websites. And with gurus like Neil Patel saying Content is King, why are only 200 million websites active and adding content regularly? 

This is wild. There are millions of affiliates in affiliate marketing, over 50 million people in Network Marketing and a myriad of other home businesses. And almost none of these are counted in the 334 million stat!

Let’s think about this another way.

This image shows there are 7.888 billion people on earth
This image is a screenshot from a Google Search display showing 7.888 billion people on Earth as of 2021 – source Worldometer.

With 334 million businesses and countless home businesses plus 8 billion people. Should there not be billions more websites?

Should there not be one business website for every business and one for every person on Earth?

Okay, we can deduct the tribes in the Amazon rainforest that are isolated from human contact (let alone the WWW), but that stat is still wildly wrong .. unless .. people do not realize they ought to have a website of their own.

Since a personal website instantly qualifies you for an instant tax deduction, especially if you are an employee, and because since August 11, 2020, a website updates itself, anyone can do this.

Why are there so few websites when it takes a handful of hours a week from anywhere (like home) to operate a side hustle business?

Lack of Knowledge (ignorance)? Here at GET MY FREE WEBSITE, we believe that websites are commonplace–part of everyday life–and that is why few think about having their own!

Should that change? Yes.

We can help a few hundred thousand people get websites started, and what better way to do that than by giving them the hosting and plug-and-play platform for free?

All it takes to make this change is education, and then they will see why they should have a website.

The fear of starting an online business

There are many web pages devoted to this subject. They have various spins on the topic, like:

There are many reasons why people do not consider starting a website and why those who think of it still don’t do it.

Success is not for everyone. Some feel inadequate, while others fear failure and the reasons why not are as long as a grocery shopping list.

Other reasons for not seriously considering a website fall into one of three categories:

  1. They don’t have a clue what focus their website should have. What should it be about?
  2. They are scared of TECH.
  3. They don’t have the money to start.

The crazy part? We can eliminate two of three instantly with what we offer here on this website.

With a drag-and-drop interface (page builder) on a WordPress website, almost anyone can build a website, and the website is free for six months.

That leaves one fear: what content will they produce for the website?

As problems go, even that is easy enough to solve. All anyone needs is a little education.

Oh, we provide help with that for our users, too!

Then there is GET MY FREE WEBSITE. Our affiliates can offer everything for free and show it is simple. And we will support users in many ways, including how to find the focus for their GET MY FREE WEBSITE.

Oh, I did not mention the most crucial part. 

Almost all of the web hosting industry is participating in Deceptive Marketing. They offer website hosting for $3/month in year one (paid a year in advance), and then users pay between $19 to $30 monthly for year two and beyond.

Some of these websites that offer hosting services are extremely difficult to navigate. And that means users can’t find the renewal price, or it is listed in tiny print. While what they are doing may stop short of being illegal, it is immoral.

They don’t publish the extras, either. Like the fact that you have to pay extra for email or backup and what that costs.

I have seen costs for $5/month and as high as $12. And while these services include other things, like access to Microsoft Office software, is it necessary?

The best part of what we offer is the price is transparent after six months of free services. Not only that, but email, backups, security and speed optimization are also included.

There is nothing else needed. Everything for an entry-level website is free. And the renewal is significantly less than the competition.

How can we offer all of this for far less? There are several reasons for this.

Here are the important ones;

  • email is just a function of storage space and a small amount of server time, which you are already paying for with a hosting fee after renewal. Since the website comes with storage, why should it cost more?
  • The most significant cost of web hosting is storage. Since most users do not use the space promised to them by suppliers, why allocate dedicated storage to users when an upgrade of storage can be performed automatically and at any time? It does not make sense.
  • Tech support is expensive, and having people paid to sit and wait for clients to contact them wastes money. The concept of having people book a service appointment is better, and we start the 6-month free period after the site is working and not before, so everyone gets what they are promised.

The discounted hosting renewal price is available to those who pay $19/year as a member, qualifying customers for further services at a discount.

That is the story. Since it is free, why not get a website and more info about being an affiliate?

The affiliate info will come by email, as will the free website. Just fill in the form on this page.

A common reaction to this riddle's answer; what almost everyone needs & nearly no one has:

A woman reacting in shock to somehting she saw on her laptop

Of course, some people do have their own personal websites

Life coaches, marketing gurus, big earners in Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing and many others who don’t have traditional businesses certainly have websites. But they are the minority.

When we look at people in general, only a fraction have started a website, and far fewer actively add content to their site regularly.

Remember, Content is King, so only active websites receive free traffic from search engines. That is why we keep referring to ACTIVE websites.

Even in affiliate marketing, where the most successful blog or vlog to generate traffic, and few start a website to tell their story. It’s nuts but true.

When you look at the number of businesses and how many use the Internet regularly, it is stunning that only 200 million websites are active (regularly updated). The infographic below makes this point:

This is an infographic showing Internet statistics, like there are 4.95 billion regular Internet users

With 4.95 billion regular Internet users and 334 million businesses globally, you would think there would be more than 200 million active websites.

If you add all the businesses and regular Internet users up, you get nearly 5.3 billion total. Divide that number into 200 million active websites, and the answer is only 3.7%.

Less than 4% of those with the chance of creating a website that ranks and makes money have an active one (it really must be an active site to rank).  

Does this seem crazy to you?

It does to us, and that is why we created the GET MY FREE WEBSITE offer, which gives anyone a WordPress website with a high-end page builder for free for 6 months!

Of course, this is a membership offer. So, anyone who spends $19/year will get all the services for half of what the industry spends for web hosting. 

Members also get discounts on other things, from eCommerce plugins to Membership plugins to Press Releases and more.

So, yes, we are going to try and sell you (and the people you may refer) a $19 membership. And, yes, we can and do pay commissions to affiliates on membership payments ($19/year).

We also do not charge a fee for being an Affiliate. And that is because we want people who have temporarily gone broke to have the opportunity to get started right away.

The reality of this website and the free website offer is that nowhere near as many people as could have a website that makes them money does have one.

The Tax Incentives of starting a part time or side hustle business

This will be merely an introduction to this subject, which is something everyone needs to know.

Here are the facts; by starting a website, you have a side hustle. The IRS and Revenue Canada, to name the Government tax agencies in two countries, cannot declare that you do not have a part-time, side hustle business, even if that business is not formally registered in your State or Province.

The second you have legit proof you are in business, you can write off all kinds of expenses that employees cannot deduct.

Want to write off your cell/mobile phone? Start a website.

Need to buy a new laptop anyway and would like to write it off? Start a website.

Want to write off part of your car (or mileage)? Start a website.

Want to write off part of your coffees and lunches? Start a website.

Want to write off your Internet service? Start a website.

There are lots of examples like this, where you can write off the things you pay for anyway.

To be clear, you are going to have these expenses anyway, and now you can write them off against any existing income. And this works even before your side hustle business makes money!

These are known as paper loses or sift costs, not real losses (where you spend money that you would not have spent).

The only drawback? Your side hustle cannot lose money on-paper forever. Eventually, it must make as much as the write-offs and have the potential to make a profit over and above the write-offs.

If the potential is there, you can lose money on paper for even 3 years, as long as the side hustle is billing more year over year. That way, the IRS or Revenue Canada can see that you will make a profit eventually and cannot disallow your expenses.

Imagine you could save somewhere between $1500 and $3000 worth of existing tax payments on your day job. How would that make you feel?

Now do you see why everyone should have a website?

Page Builders make Plug & Play Web Design a reality!

Two very high-quality Page Builders are available as plugins on WordPress. And the one we employ is independently rated as considerably easier for the inexperienced to use.

That product is Elementor Pro, and its top competitor is Divi.

This image is a screenshot of a Google Search Knowledge Panel about Divi vs Elementor Pro

As you can see from the screenshot above of a Google Search Knowledge Panel, Elementor Pro is considered a superior product because it is easier to learn (or use, which is really the same thing).

There are proprietary page builders; Wix, Weebly and GoDaddy all have one. However, they are not transferable, and even though there are auto-conversion programs, they don’t always work.

The reason why we mention this is Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy, and other reputable web hosting services are more expensive than Get My Free Website.

Obviously, we offer free for 6 months, but after that, our service averages half as much per month as competitors for the same or better service than they include!

However, year-one prices from other suppliers are dirt cheap for hosting. You can get a year of hosting right now for US $2.99/month, paid a year in advance. That is basically US $36, but you would be on a page builder that is not as highly rated (ease of use of the drag & drop feature and various configurations).

In addition, $20 a month is about the average from these suppliers for Year Two and beyond. By us including a page builder that is even easier to use and free for 6 months, we have quite an advantage over the competition. 

Take the page builder Elementor Pro. It is US $59/year if you get hosting elsewhere. So, by us including it, you have the best of both worlds, a far cheaper monthly cost and no upfront expense either!




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