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Why do we provide installed WordPress websites for free with tons of extra value?

The two most successful business promotions of my career involved giving away free services. In fact, between 1999 and 2001, we gave away our Fax-on-Demand service to 6,431 potential clients. Then, we provided over 16 thousand people with an autoresponder.

There were crossovers between those two lists, and we figured out that slightly less than 20,000 took free services from us. In total, 7,391 of them bought other services from us because we had earned their trust by being prompt and because our services worked.

This offer will make those two look like child’s play!

I believe in this concept so profoundly that I even wrote a book on the giveaway topic called The Free Cheese Secret.

Does giving away something of undeniable value build a huge list?

There are two keys to figuring this out, and we cannot forget that websites are so commonplace today that the timing aspect is wrongly perceived as past. How is it wrong? Prepare to have your mind blown:

  1. Is the TAM or total addressable market (target market) large? Are you kidding? There are only 200 million active websites today, and with 343 million businesses worldwide, how is that possible? It is easy to be blinded by the 1.1 billion websites worldwide until you realize that they are created for events like rock concerts, seminars and even weddings, and with over 8 billion people, with 3.32 billion of them being employees, how can so few have a side hustle with an active website?
  2. Consider this: right now, one of the most successful online entrepreneurs suggests expanding your followers by giving away APPS or TOOLS. What better tool than WordPress? After all, it has 43% of the existing market share of websites (810 million installs—no other website platform is even close), and if we add one-tenth of one percent to that market, a million people will sign up with Get My Free Website. Now, that is a huge TAM!

By the way, the short video by the entrepreneur linked above is by Neil Patel. He has many other videos sharing the idea of giving away tools for free, plus this article. Of course, I was successful before he was, and you can see both of my more successful giveaways on The Way Back Machine (1999 & 2003) at Archive DOT ORG (see image).

This screenshot of FREE Fax-on-Demand is from The Wayback Machine and was originally on Steven Peter Burke's websites.

I had the website giveaway idea long ago but rejected it after a short test. At the time, the state of all website platforms, known as Content Management Systems (CMS),  was just not there. They required too much maintenance, including manual updates of new releases of WordPress and its Plugins. And for someone with a side hustle, that was not just a mental burden but drained their already limited time.

To boil this down, the giveaway I had in mind didn’t work until August 11, 2020. That was when WordPress released version 5.5 with auto updates of the platform and plugins, eliminating a lot of necessary but time-consuming maintenance.

Wouldn’t you know it? I was busy writing my first book when WordPress finally released this “enable auto updates” feature. Then we bought our dream home, and we moved to the country. Now I finally get to tell you what is mindboggling terrific about the I-can’t-believe-I’m-doing-this one-of-a-kind giveaway!

Pre-installed WordPress, an Elementor Pro license, Email, Daily backups, pre-installed plugins (all with preset updates enabled), website security, speed optimization and web hosting for six months is conservatively worth $75. The Elementor Pro license alone costs $59!

So we are giving away quite a lot with our FREE WEBSITE offer, aren’t we? I mean, enough to turn heads!

Even better, we are doubling the FREE WEBSITE offer for our first group of affiliates, meaning early adopters get all of the above for a whole year. All an early adopter Affiliate needs to do is find five Affiliates, and the FREE WEBSITE for a year is theirs as a bonus to accompany the Affiliate payouts!

Speaking of earning with Get My Free Website, don’t worry. I intend this to be the most lucrative thing I have ever done, and with this affiliate program in place, it means the potential for you in spades.

There are five ways to make money:

  • The one-time payout from the membership fee
  • Monthly Affiliate commissions on website users (hosting after the free period)  
  • Affiliate overrides on Affiliates you introduce (this is not MLM, as you will see)
  • A share of all Back-end services
  • Profit Sharing on the entire company

The press release will give you an idea of the potential of back-end services. It costs $500, guarantees 300 media sites to link back, and gets website owners some speaking gigs to attract followers quickly. That pays out $50 to the Affiliate that referred the customer (even though they were not involved in the sale of the provision of this service) and $50 to the Profit Share Pool.

All the compensation plan breakage will also be in the bonus pool, along with 10% of all back-end services (not hosting). So this will be lucrative, too.

We can’t wait to share the potential and how you can market it.

Affiliates who are the Early Adopters receive their free website for an extra 6 months or 12 months total!

Affiliates that join in September receive an extra 6 months of free website or 12 months total. This is a $120 offer with one catch, you need to be a member, too. And that costs $19.

Steven Peter Burke, the founder of Get My Free Website, featured in House of Business magazine in April of 2001.
This is a 3D image of a book called The Free Cheese Secret, which was written by the found of Get My Free Website.
The Free Cheese Secret was written by the founder of Get My Free Website.
A picture of Steven Peter Burke, the founder of Get My Free Website, on the cover of a magazine
Steven Peter Burke, the founder of Get My Free Website, on the cover of Home Business Journal magazine in February, 2004.