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We provide free website hosting for 6 months and we beat the competiton on price from the 7 month on, too.

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The Get My Free Website logo has the website address as words and a Earth icon with the word FREE overlaid

About Us

The average entrepreneur can be forgiven for thinking that a source of cheap Web Hosting is a deal. All too often, it is only after they buy a cheap service that they discover it is lacking. Before long, the extra expenses jack up the price, or (and this is common) there’s a year-two surprise.

We don’t play that game. After the free 6 months, the hosting cost is $9.95/month for everything, which you would pay $20 or even $30 monthly to get elsewhere. 

Client Testimonials

“Figuring out the plethora of website hosting services should be something that is transparent, manageable, and affordable, but that wasn’t my experience, at east until I found Get My Free Website.

They pre-install WordPress and all the tools for you, and after the free hosting period, the monthly cost beats all major suppliers significantly. In addition, the company provides unique training and advice for entrepreneurs, which helps to accelerate success in almost any small to medium-sized or home-based business.”
Smiling Steve (Steven Peter Burke) not only came up with the name that became my marketing brand, "The Rabbi Who Got Rich On Sunday," but he also built a world-class website for me that impresses everyone who sees it!

This website facilitates the posting of my podcast and other content and the brand name sticks in people's minds. The result? A steady pipeline of new potential clients.

I give Smiling Steve an A+++

“The day I saw a social media post by Smiling Steve was also the day the vision for my business expanded. When we connected, he shared the idea of giving away a million free websites. All I could think was, “This guy's crazy,” but in a good way. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Six months of website hosting for free, and then only $9.95/month, which is under market value! It's a no-brainer. Then he told me he would help me find a domain name, create a logo, and train me on how to get my site to rank on Google. Can it get any better? You bet. There are still surprises in store. This guy is the bomb!”
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Jacleen Allen
Side Hustle Jam

This is is free & we don't ask for a payment method on file!

With absolutely nothing to lose, you only need to complete the form, and your website will be ready to go in a few days. After the free period, which is 6 months, you will only pay $9.95 a month for website hosting (comparable services cost $15/month without email!) and $19/year for the membership, which also gets you a free page builder license worth $59.